Wednesday, 26 April 2017
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The importance of Ethics in the writing of A Media

The paper, entitled “the importance of Ethics in the writing of A Media” it discusses about the overall meaning of the various codes of ethics that exists in a writing in the media, especially on online media. This event will be based on paper made by seringny we menemukn an article or news coverage of online media that do not pay attention to the code that has been set, but in the writing of an article or news on the media, especially online Liputan media ethics code needed to know the limitations as well as the layout of things existing in a karma news coverage and is also useful for keeping in touch on a particular party. And the code of ethics is also useful for maintaining and abiding by the rules that exist in the community as well as the applicable law.

The importance of Ethics in the writing of A Media

The purpose of this paper is made to know and understand the various codes of ethics in the writing of an article or news on the media. As well as to raise awareness of the general public to obey the code of ethics is applicable.

This paper writing method is done by collecting a variety of information from sources on the internet.
Based on the results of the search a variety of code of practice on a of writing from a variety of sources. Known code of ethics is very important to be understood and followed in a writing. Since the code of conduct aims to avoid a contradiction against the norms of society as well as criminal law.

Now this information is increasingly becoming easier to be obtained through any medium. Followed by technological advances and the internet which mempermudahkan us to get important information from a wide range of subjects. In this age of society are more likely to find a variety of information via the internet that can be accessed wherever and whenever. However often in various articles in an electronic media that are on the internet such as web, blog, or other online media found an article or news that do not obey the code of ethics of writing on a news article written. Whereas in the writing in online media required obedience in complying with the code of ethics that has been set. Ethics on the Internet who is better known by the term Netiquette (Network Etiquette) is a rule or tata karma on a medium that is useful to keep writing in the writing of an article or news story that will be loaded at an online media. As for the code of ethics in writing on a media is as follows:

1. use polite language, good and true.

Please use polite language at the time of writing an article or news in an online media. Because the internet is connected with the access that encompasses the entire world. Where an article or news that we fit on the internet can be read by anyone from different societies around the world. If we don’t use the language of polite then someone’s way of looking towards us will impact badly on a personal as well as our own environment.

Do not abbreviate a typing a word in the article. Like the word “who”, shortened to “reply”, “to” become “kpd etc. It just makes the giddy someone reading the article.

2. use capital letters (capslock on) as needed

Please use capital letters in writing as necessary. Because if we write using capital letters are dominant, the written word can mean for someone who read it. We recommend that you write a news story or article with a good and correct language and communicative. Because the reader very interested against an article or news written in communicative. Good language and correct any makes it easy for the reader to understand the meaning and essence of a news submitted by us as writers.

3. using the appropriate EYD

In addition to using polite language, writing in the media must use EYD accordingly. Due to the writing that uses the appropriate basis EYD can also make it easier for readers to understand the gist of a text that we write. And also can provide a positive impression toward the author personally. Often writing in online media used to reference writing for someone. So if an article is written not with the good as good as any EYD of the contents of the article others will not make it as a reference.

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