Wednesday, 26 April 2017
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Stay at the Grand Hotel Royal Panghegar

Stay at the Grand Hotel Royal Panghegaron vacation, the last aircraft from Banjarmasin took me with the family headed for the island. Once at the airport, my journey Sastranegara Husien continue to search for a place to stay around Bandung city.

My choice of staying this time is the Grand Hotel Royal Panghegar Independent on the road No. 2, Bandung. Why I chose stay at this hotel?

According to the experience of my work friends, from Husien Sastranegara only takes 20 minutes to reach penginapan di jombang the hotel. In addition, this Hotel is very convenient because it is close to several places of tourist destinations that tourists often visit from out of town like a Landmark Building, the Braga City Walk, new market and Trade Center. Almost all of these destinations with our easy reach just walking distance away.

I then headed to the hotel reception to inquire of the empty rooms and perfect for our family. The reception offers several suites are suitable and comfortable for my family to stay together. Our selection of fixed on a suite of Parahyangan, we family immediately headed for the hotel rooms already prepared.

Bedroom Facilities Hotel
The room I inhabit is a Suite of Parahyangan that has a very wide size i.e. 87 square metres, making it very convenient for our family.

In the rooms, we are spoiled by the presence of free Wifi and a flat-screen television entertainment with cable TV channel so that the kids don’t get bored being in the room. Additionally in suites there is also a mini Kitchen with fridge, microwave and coffee/tea maker. So in the morning can relax with warm tea with family while enjoying the view of Bandung city.

The Swimming Pool Hotel
Swimming pool at the Hotel has a swimming pool that is unique because unlike other pool-shaped or square box but the shape of this swimming pool round. All floors of the pool covered with wood so that safer and nuanced a very natural. In addition, the pool water was warm so the kids will not wobble when swimming.

Restaurant Hotel
If a full breakfast in hotels is usually the menu isn’t much choice and variety, but in contrast to the Panghegar Hotel Grand Royal, we can choose as you wish a varied menu prepared by the hotel manager.

For those of you who want to try to enjoy the city of Bandung, no harm in trying to stay at the Hotel at jombang city. For information and reservations please visit Hotel Jombang


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