Wednesday, 26 April 2017
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Fabrics are suitable for fire extinguisher etc

Fabrics are suitable for fire extinguisher etc

La Perla
For people who are allergic to synthetic materials, there are options that fit that is Cotton-spandex that has a comfortable cotton-like traits (skin can still breathe) and are pliable and lightweight of spandex. Or can also choose comfortable lycra cotton, could even be worn as a shirt. Cotton lycra is now widely used to coat the evening gown. The easiest way to pick cotton lycra or spandex, cotton by holding the material, should be comfortable gripped, not slippery, and if used, the skin feels comfortable. Avoid nylon containing spandex, though mild, this material does not absorb perspiration.

Aramid is widely used for firefighter suits, race car driver and motor. Aramid including types of nylon as Nomex, Kevlar and Tawron is highly resistant to fire, high temperature resistant, burning at a temperature of 53 degrees Celsius.

This type of fabric that is smooth as cotton. Commonly used materials of making Clothes Basket. The Quality Of The IBL Indonesia

Sweat absorbent porous fabric. biasannya material used for basketball.

Baby Tray
Jensi fabrics that are thick and smooth and hairless. The inside was soft like a blanket. Usually used for Jumper/Sweeter.

Also known as perlon, caprolan and amilan, trilobal or antron rislan, nomex, and other. Synthetic fibers in general it is a good insulator and can cause static electrical properties. Properties of strength and elasticity and excellent resilience, prisoners against fungi, bacteria and insects.
Lack of a fabric nylon damp absorption is low. Nylon can be washed with SOAP and alkali resistant to chemical washing/dry cleaning. Nylon is not heat resistant, high temperature iron 180 o C nylon start sticky and broken at 230oC and melt at a temperature of 250oC.
Nylon can be dyed with acid colors and metal complexes, zat other colors such as bases, direk, sulfur, but the resilience of the wash and the rays are ugly.

No one does not know and it’s a shame on the type of material on this one. Denim jeans material aka, loved all the circles. The darker the colour, the more easily find the parallel. In addition, dark denims would look more presentable and formal than bright belel.

For this one, so that the fall of the tasty and looks okay inherent in Your body curves, choose the material is a bit heavy. One size larger would avoid the impression of clothing attached to a strict no unsightly.

The material is rather slippery and are commonly used in the manufacture of suits.

The material is thick and rough. Suitable for young children. Material manufacture jackets, jackets with this material very durable.

In fact there are many more types of Fabric that is circulating in the community of the world. However, it is not. It’s too much and too long. So I gave the 87% are often used dimasyarakat around.

All this and thanks from Uncle ViperGoy to the article titled types of Fabric for the Dress/Shirt world. Thank You.

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