Wednesday, 26 April 2017
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It should be noted that IQ is dynamic not static. The level of IQ can fluctuate based on many factors: health general, a stress level, anxiety, conditions like Hyper or ADHD or the ADHD, order sleep, etc. Even more than that, study the latest show that IQ can be improved significantly with the use of the treatment method/therapy certain.

Therapy Brain Waves to Enhance the Ability to Learn

One way to increase IQ is with Therapy Brain Waves with the setting/modulation kusus, the combination between Alpha, SMR and Low Beta. The effects resulting from therapy this can INCREASE Your INTELLIGENCE, AND MANY MORE FUNCTIONS ELSE. In fact, this session acts like a “training mentality”, improve and speed up the activity of electricity and the flow of blood to the brain.

Do Therapy Brain Waves is easy and really affordable. Enough listening to audio, designed to increase intelligence in formats MP3 and WAV in the mood to relax.

Notice that the first time the use of You can get headaches mild or muscle-oto in that part of the head feels tense, or the skin of the head feels tight. This is because Therapy Brain Waves increase blood flow and metabolism. To handle it drink a glass of water before you start the therapy, it’s very important.


In a world increasingly modern, there’s a lot of interference and pressure in the field of business, economic, social, and others, can cause us sometimes to lose concentration and focus. When Your mind is full with worries, then it will be makes it easier for You to feel disturbed. You will be hard to focus and concentrate on what You’re doing. Even in my spare time, kehawatiran this can cause hours of work is inefficient as well as can make trouble for You.

A lot of people are having trouble to concentrate. This thing is not surprising anymore, because along with the development and progress of the age the more quickly add tasks and load them each and every day. Maintain to be able to concentrate and teap focus all day it’s hard to do, but if You are able to know the factors what can menggganggu yourself to focus, then could be You will have to concentrate and kefokusan that much longer.

Let You notice things that caused the loss of focus here. Factors that affect focus and concentration among other things is:

Sound-annoying voice around You.

A lot of task

Your Health

The condition of the body and Your mind,like fear and anxiety

Bored and tired


The influence of the drug

Factors environment

To menraih success when working, You should be able to stay focused on what sedag You’re working on, even though many of the duties other do You have to finish. It’s true, the more berkembangnya age will increase the burden and Your task, but if You are able to stay focused, then You can certainly get it done.

First, You should try to remove yourself from a disruptive influence. Always give plenty of time for yourself, so You can collect your thoughts and meditate. Second, try not to give in to distractions external around. When You hear something on TV, You don’t have to go and watch, just Remember that the important thing is to keep Your mind on the job rather than wasting time on distractions trivial.