Wednesday, 26 April 2017
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An important role in the business of Packaging Fruit Crisps

An important role in the business of Packaging Fruit Crisps
An important role in the business of Packaging Fruit Crisps

One of the keys to success in the sale of a product is the packaging that is attractive, both in terms of design or form labels. The packaging is a container or means of wrapper which has a dual function. Besides being able to help prevent or reduce the damage at the time of distribution of the goods, also was instrumental in determining the decision of consumers to view or even buying that product. On the side of this is the creativity of the perpetrators of the attempt to make the shapes and unique packaging design, ergonomic, and still fulfill its main function as a protector of the product from damage.
According to the Buerau, 1996, down either metallic materials, as well as other materials such as plastic, glass, various paper and cardboard should have 6 main functions are the following:

The business of Packaging Fruit Crisps

Keep food products remains clean and is protective against dirt and other contamination.
Protect your food against physical damage, change of moisture content and shines (light).
Have a good functionality, efficiency and economical especially during the process of placing food into the container packaging.
Have ease in opening or closing and also facilitates in the handling, transportation, and distribution.
Has the size, shape and weight in accordance with existing norms or standards, easily expendable and easily molded or printed.
Revealing identification, information, and a clear appearance to help the promotion or sale.

Specific to product packaging, fruit chips should be able to maintain the crispness of chips in quite a long time. Packaging chips fruit usually from food grade materials made of plastic, aluminum foil, or a combination of paper with aluminum foil that is tightly closed. If you use the packaging with plastic products PE, the chips have a shelf life for 3 months. While the packaging with aluminium foil, the product has a shelf life of chips for 9 months. In addition to affecting the long shelf life of a product, the selection of packaging materials will also have an impact on the increasing production costs and selling price.
After selecting your packaging materials, then need to determine the shape of the packaging and label design to make it look unique and interesting as well as increasing the value of promotion and branding. In terms of business, product packaging chips with innovation and design will increase profits for the producers because of higher selling price of chips with the usual-shaped packaging in the same size.
The conclusion can be drawn. More or less, there are three main reasons why marketing matters in packaging design chips fruit or other products which are:

The design of the packaging can form a pattern of consumer loyalty by means of affecting the psychological and emotional. For example through color, shape of the uniqueness of the packaging, illustrations and layout.
Packaging design also greatly affect corporate standards in pricing a product outside of production.
The design of the packaging can make a product has an identity that makes it different among other products in line with competition increasingly competitive trademarks.

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